Thursday, March 22, 2012

Persepolis Blog 1

    We have been reading the book Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. This book is about her life as a child, growing up and not understanding what's going on in her environment and surroundings. She lived during the Islamic Revolution. She wanted to be a prophet growing up, because she wanted to change some things about the world she lived in then.
"At the age of six I was already sure I was the last prophet. This was a few years before the revolution."  
   Due to the Islamic Revoltuion they had to go to an all girls catholic school and had to wear black covers over their heads; they could also not play or interact with their friends that were boys. She didn't like that way of living so figured if she grew up to be a prophet she could change the way everything was. She thought she could be a prophet because she could speak, personally, to God.
"Every night I had a big discussion with God." 
    She wanted to carry on his will and do things that would change the world, but in the name of God. She eventually looses that will power and no longer speaks to God that often, he leaves once she gets ideas about revolting and demonstrating on the street. After that she rarely speaks to God, in the book, until after she finds out about her grandfather being a prince. Her father tells her about her great-grandfather being king and her grandfather being prince, and about how her grandfather getting into some trouble and ending up in jail.
"...Everytime there was a knock at the door I thought they were coming to take my father to prison."
    He started off as a prince but ended up in jail. After they told her that, she wanted to kow more about why he went to jail but they would not tell her anything! She began to get angry that her mother and grandmother were keeping secrets about her grandfather from her. It's a very interesting book, and even has pictures, so it's all good. c:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Final Six Word Memoir (:

This is the six word memoir that I chose to use for the assignment. I chose to write a new story and it's a bit personal. I wrote it in honor of my biological father. I wrote it to express how I feel about him and his actions in my life so far; which by the way haven't been many.  I don't want to put him on blast or anything, but I feel that I need to write this, just to get it out of my system. Just to finally stop having that burden on my shoulders; to stop having to carry all that weight through out my life. To finally let it all go, and forgive; because I know that things aren't always easy and that life can come at you pretty fast. I understand that he couldn't always 
be here, but I just needed him to try. I now realize that might not ever happen and that I deserve to let it go and go on with my life, burden-free. I don't hate him, despise or resent him, I just need to forgive him; if I don't, who will? Well, anyway, let me move on from all the mushy stuff, and show you the memoir. Here it goes.(:

                                   Done Trying, Time To Move On

The reason I chose this picture is because it signifies being burden-free, and being able to live without letting things hold you down. It signifies that I am now free. c;

Friday, March 9, 2012

Six Word Memoirs Day 3

This story is about how things always happen to end. About how things don't last forever, no matter how much you want them to.

                    Everything must end, nothing is forever.

I would probably put a picture of a clock or something that shows time somehow.

This other story is about when people can't have the one they love, so decide they'll find someone like them or better.

                      Nevermind, I'll find someone like you.

For a picture I could probably put something inspirational. To make people feel like they can and will find someone better or alike to love.

 This next one is about how living your life doesn't consist of being young. It consists of knowing you can do it.

                            You're never to old to live

For a picture I would put some old people sky diving. :D To signify that even when you're grown, you're never too old.

This story is about doing something that many people say you can't. Things that people say aren't possible.

                              Have a will, make a way

I would probably post a picture of someone doing the impossible! Someone doing something spontaneous, crazy, and completely out of this world!  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Six Word Memoirs Day 2

This story is about relationships that have lead to people not talking and people hating others. It's about the way people get after a relationship has ended. Some people are hurt, but others don't want to loose friends over something like that.
                           I thought we could be friends.

As a picture I would put maybe two people holding hands, or a broken heart. I could also use anything having to with relationships and breaking up and loosing friends.

This next story is about things that I haven't had the guts or wasn't able to say or talk about. It's about the way someone feels when they just can't let something out or can't find the right words to say it in.
                                 I wish I had the voice.

I would probably put a picture of a mime, a mime to signify how a person has not the ability to speak of something that has been bugging or bothering them.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Six Word Memoirs Day 1

We have to write a six word memoir, so I figured why not do one on something related to me and my love of music and wanting to be famous. So here goes(:
                     Hit the lights, Watch me shine.

For my picture, I was thining of putting a spotlight on a dark stage with a microphone in the spotlight. I think that would explain more or less what it is that I mean to say by "watch me shine". It would make the story all the more clear and easier to understand. :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

Whale Rider

For the past week or so, in class, we've been watching the movie Whale Rider. It was a movie about a girl who was treated badly and unappreciated by her community and family. This was because she was a girl; her father's father was the leader of their modern-day tribe and her father was supposed to be the next leader but failed him. Therefore, her father was supposed to have had a boy to be the next leader, but he had a girl instead. Her mother was actually pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl, but her twin brother died while birth and took her mother with him. Pai (the girl) was a big dissapointment for Pucker (her grandfather), he treated her as if she was unimportant to him, as if she left he wouldn't care or be hurt at all. He even kicked her out of their house and she had to stay at her uncle's place, for a little while.  Her grandmother had always supported her, she had loved her through everything. Her grandfather did love her but his pride as the modern day tribe leader didn't let him show any of those types of emotion that have to do with love, towards her. It turned out to be that she was destined to be the next leader even through all the circumstances, such as being a girl. At the end of the movie, she was in an enormous boat with many of the modern day tribe members, and her grandfather seemed to be extremely happy with her for accomplishing so much. He was tremendously proud of his granddaughter(:
For more on whales, click the link? :D

Monday, February 27, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Me.

 I wasn't sure what to write so I decided that I would write about my Obsessive Compulsiveness. I'm considered to be obsessive because of the fact that I need things to be a certain way or I have a small breakdown. This 'condition', I guess in some way, gives me a bit of organization. I'm not too organized of a person, but because I have OCD a lot of things need to be the same every single time. Certain things, like my food for instance, cannot touch. If different foods touch each other on my plate then I will not eat it. I can't bring myself to eat food that way. Another thing I'm picky about is the way people clean or organize my things. If people organize my things in a different way or fold my clothes the wrong way, or even put my socks in a different drawer, I get really aggravated. When I get aggravated I become very sentimental and emotional, it's very uncontrollable. This condition does help me be organized but the thing is that it doesn't let me relax for just a second. It makes me feel like I always have to be worrying about something. It has it's ups and downs. For more information about this condition, click the link.